Crew Recruit-Admissions Boost

<p>My D is being recruited by the Crew coach. Can anyone describe for me how the crew coach might interact with the admissiions office at Wesleyan. I have no idea whether crew receives slots or tips at Wesleyan or whether crew recruits receive likely letters or early reads. Any help would be greatly appreciated. D is trying to decide whether to apply ED to Wesleyan and we would love to know as early as possible what her chances are as a crew recruit.</p>

<p>All the coaches send a list of names to the admissions office. I don't know exactly what weight this carries... and I think it depends on the sport. For example, the football team didn't win a game this year. Their recruits are probably going to have a better shot than usual at getting in, because they're so obviously needed. Crew wasn't fantastic this year either, but I really don't know how much a coach's word can affect the results at admissions. </p>

<p>Basically, if she's not in the ballpark with her stats and GPA and whatever, crew will not get her in. Applying ED, however, is often a big help, I think especially with athletes. If you're likely to be recruited at several schools, showing ONE school that you really want to be on their team is going to be impressive.</p>

<p>I know Wes doesn't do likely letters at all, and I don't think Wes does early writes for anyone except RD students of color whom they want to fly to Connecticut for free for Student of Color Weekend.</p>

<p>That said, you should really just email the coach and ask how exactly the process works. I might have it wrong, but I'm sure she'd be happy to tell you.</p>

<p>D's stats are what I would call right on the borderline for an ED admission without crew. I am awaiting word from the Coach as I write this.</p>

<p>Supposedly Williams, Amherst, and Wesleyan have agreed to a limit of 66 athletic tips per class. Football gets 14, which leaves only 2 or 3 tips for most of the other teams. An academically borderline applicant that does get one of the athletic tips will probably be accepted. </p>

<p>This link is primarily about Williams, but Wesleyan apparently uses a similar system: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>John, I see from your previous posts that your daughter is also involved with music-- I just wanted to put in an extra word for Wesleyan as one of the few schools where it is entirely possible (and actually quite common) to be involved in both music and athletics! There are lots of great student-run a cappella groups on campus as well as two large choirs (both for-credit classes). </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Let me add to that that the world music classes are phenomenal. My D, a gov major, was able to take wonderful classes in African drumming and gamelon.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of the help. D loves music and crew. The trick is to see if she can parlay those loves into an ED admission.</p>