Cricket at Kenyon?

Hello everyone,
I am from India and was accepted at Kenyon under the RD program.
I am not 100% committed yet but it is one of my top choices.
I wanted to learn about how popular Cricket is at Kenyon. (Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport after soccer and is followed greatly in the Indian sub-continent )
Do students at Kenyon play Cricket to some extent?

I’d be surprised if you found much cricket played at any small US college.

^^ I think you will find cricket at Haverford. And that is very unusual!

These are the American universities that have cricket teams:

You may have to look outside the campuses for a variety of high level competitors. In the eastern portion of the US it’s common to find the local Telugu association hosting an all-day series of T12 matches at a local state park from time to time. High school students who want to play a lot against competitors who know how to spin bowl are more likely to go visit relatives overseas during the summer months and play there, as advanced high school programs are rare.

Thank you all