Crime at Ohio State University campus area

Crime rates at the Ohio State University Columbus campus have been skyrocketing through 2021. It’s a great school in a great city, and all cities have crime, BUT, the areas around campus have become very dangerous at night. North High St., the “main drag” has seen an uptick in shootings and robberies. The off-campus housing area adjacent to campus - where juniors and seniors (and some Sophomores) live have seen several robberies at gunpoint, carjackings and a sexual assault of a student on the streets - all just within Fall 2021 move in week. Applicants and their parents should be aware and ask questions of OSU Admissions staff and their HS college counselors. Parents of current students are pressuring the Administrators and law enforcement to do more but broad awareness of this situation is important and needed for change.

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The University is responding to the recent uptick in crime near campus. They have pledged 20 million dollars (if I’m remembering correctly) toward crime prevention and area safety over the next several years. There is also an active parent group keeping the issue on the front burner. I’m optimistic that that the situation is improving. My student has never felt unsafe, but there have definitely been reports of issues.

This site has instructions to sign up for safety notices and posts the notices for the general public.

Here are some of the safety resources for students.

Most universities have similar services, so sign up wherever you attend/visit.

If you are in the Columbus area, Columbus Police Department has an app Columbus Police Launch Mobile App

CPD has a web portal with a map feature search function. University District (off campus area just east of High St) is in Zone 4, Precinct 4, District 44.

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