<p>Hey guys I’ve recently was mailed an acceptance letter from UA for Summer 2009. I’m an OSS live in Florida, I’m wondering what can I do to alleviate costs for out of state tuition. I currently do not qualify for scholarships and have applied for Financial aid.</p>

<p>I have FL Prepaid College (Can apply it towards Alabama)
Plan on receiving FL Bright Futures Scholarship (Only for FL Universities)
Completing FAFSA
Would like to do Work-Study etc.</p>

<p>ACT 19
GPA 3.02</p>

<p>So far in FL I have been accepted to the University of North Florida but am still deferred to FSU and UCF. What resources should I look into if I decide to attend BAMA? I cannot take out any loans since I’m going to Dental school after my undergrad.</p>


<p>Completing the FAFSA is definitely important, but I would strongly considering first seeing if you can get into FSU or UCF; you don't want to pass up a scholarship.</p>

<p>Thank You feenotype!! I completed my FAFSA on friday....hopefully I might get a nice amount! If I get turned down by FSU or UCF I'll head on over to North Florida.</p>

<p>If you don't get into FSU or UCF, you could always transfer later.</p>