Crimson welcomes prospective 2010 students to Cambridge (editorial)

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<p>Nice article, thanks for posting it!</p>

<p>That is pretty amusing!</p>

<p>Fairly casual, compared to what you see other college papers doing. With some of them, you get the idea the script is written by the admissions office.</p>

<p>Ugh, this Yale bashing and your inferiority complex.</p>

<p>Oh come on. It was like two comments just thrown in there as part of the friendly rivalry. MIT was bashed too. When I was reading this, I KNEW that some CC'er was going to feel the need to post, "This is classic Yale bashing, displaying Harvard's insecurity. Yale is a world renoun institution, hardly a community college by any means, etc etc"</p>

<p>I agree with tennisdude.</p>

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<p>lol that's funny</p>

<p>Wow, I can't believe some of you actually think that article was legitimate Yale bashing--The idea was that it was so over the top that it wasn't meant to be taken completely seriously!</p>

<p>Heh, I was just being playful - trying to make the point that you're just as much into having fun with this rivalry and not just "shrugging it off", as Byerly would love to do. Your responses mimick those on the Yale board when accused of Harvard bashing.</p>

<p>Actually, Sunglasses, I thought that the Crimson editorial was unusual, in that it did not take the opportunity to bash the school (Harvard, not Yale) per usual for the edification of the visitors, but actually seemed moderately positive - if only in a casual, joking manner! Thank goodness for small favors!</p>

<p>"Your red folder, awkward mannerisms, and overfilled suitcase..."</p>

<p>oh man. so true.</p>

<p>oh man. Those last two paragraphs were great! No bashing there, just a little humorous jabs.</p>

<p>"Where else, fair prefrosh, do the dining halls serve 73 varieties of chicken each week?"</p>

<p>....And that's the reason I decided to matriculate.</p>

<p>eh i thought a couple of other schools editorials were better</p>

<p>Prefrosh weekend was pretty amazing...after reading that article I refused to carry my red folder but I'm pretty sure everyone knew I was a prefrosh anyway.</p>

<p>Speaking of chicken in the dining halls, according to the Wall Street Journal's rankings of college dining halls ("Phi Beta Cafeteria," November 8, 2002), Harvard's chicken is seriously lacking. Meanwhile, Yale is the only "four-star" dining hall in the country. </p>


<p>"Chicken or cardboard?....." "Tough bird may have been a good thing: Last year, 16 students were hospitalized with gastroenteritis; school says it wasn't the food."...... </p>


<p>"After punching our meal ticket across the country, we found our winner in a baronial hall in New Haven, Conn..... we settled into huge red-leather chairs beneath chandeliers for some gourmet offerings....... No food-service specials like mashed potato flakes here — the spuds were fancy fingerlings three times the price of ordinary russets. Likewise, the roasted portobello and tofu salad was subtly spiced..... “If I were a kid, I wouldn’t ever leave this place,” said our expert from New York’s Jane restaurant." </p>


<p>"....The food here was easily the worst we encountered on our college tour. We found discolored slices of smoked turkey floating in a 3-inch pool of liquid, the candied yams were a shade past putrescence ......That green stuff? Zucchini mush. "I can't wait to tell my daughter about this food," said our chef, Alma Alcocer, from Jeffrey's, one of Austin's best restaurants. "It might give her incentive to get into someplace else."</p>

<p>hmmm, i was reluctant about choosing Harvard, but this editorial really eased my fears for some odd reason...</p>

<p>"Meanwhile, Yale is the only 'four-star' dining hall in the country."</p>

<p>not exactly. the WSJ only rated dining halls at 20 "randomly chosen" schools (harvard <em>and</em> yale - real random, huh?). and they didn't exactly pick a representative dining hall at yale. berkeley was recently renovated at the time and was and still is widely regarded as having the best fare at yale. also, there is some suspicion that yale laid out the red carpet for the reviewer. from the yale daily news article on the subject:</p>

<p>"It's hard to say how objective [Bhatia] was," said Mike Schoen, the first cook in the Berkeley dining hall. "She came here and started taking notes. [Berkeley dining hall manager] Mike Stringer actually approached her and started asking her questions.</p>

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<p>When asked why Bhatia would have chosen Berkeley to sample, Rogers said, "I think that someone had told the reporter that Berkeley had a good dining hall."</p>

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