Critical Mistake?

<p>Alright, i just realized that I put the wrong form number on the answer sheet for my AP Latin Exam. Under the part that says 4HBP there was a number 57. I put this number on the answer sheet instead of the 4HBP. Does anyone know if this is a really awful mistake? I bubbled in AP Latin, so maybe that will work? Who knows. Any reassurance would help.</p>

<p>This might not be a big deal, but ya never know.</p>

<p>No it doesn't matter - not unless you did the late testing, otherwise, all the normal testing ones are the same</p>

<p>As long as you bubbled in the right exam, it should be OK. After all, the answer sheet color (blue/purple) corresponds to 4HBP and 4HBP is written near the top right corner.</p>