Critical Reading Question

<p>On the section where there are 2 passages with opposing arguments there's always a question on what would they both agree on. How do you guys go about answering that question, I always get them wrong</p>

<p>How I approach the joint passages:
1. read the first passage, answer all its questions.
2. read the second passage, answer all questions pertaining ONLY to passage #2
3. answer questions asking about both passages at the same time.
Do you do this?</p>

<p>Thanks for replying and yea that's exactly how I approach it too, but for reason just that question I get wrong. I think you have to choose the answer that is the most discreet but I'm not completely sure</p>

<p>i think you're having a problem retaining the data from the first. for you, i'd say look at the part of each answer and see if it works with the first passage after you read it and then look after the second passage to and see which one matches with both. that way you don't have to retain as much. i hope that helps</p>

<p>I'll try that strategy next time thanks</p>

<p>yep :) hope it works</p>

<p>I look for that point as I read the passages.</p>