critical reading sucks.

<p>I don't know why, but I really SUCK at reading. I have an 800 in math and a 770 in writing, but barely a 700 in reading. Do you guys know any way to improve? i.e., what study books are best?</p>

<p>Rocket Review+Direct Hits+Practice+reading?</p>

<p>And yes, critical reading sucks big time.</p>

<p>Critical reading is easy, Math sucks!!</p>

<p>lolol, Math is a breeze. Reading is sooooooo boring and tedious, and I can't even focus on the passages.</p>

<p>You could improve your critical reading skills by reading college-level essays. One example is the Norton Book of Nature Writing. Find it at a library or buy it on ebay, and then read and really analyze a few essays. Once you adjust to that, the essays on the critical reading section will seem easy.</p>

<p>A faster approach would be to take practice tests from the blue book and analyze your mistakes, to really get used to the questions on the SAT. After a while you'll be able to predict some of the answer choices before reading them.</p>