Critical Reading?!?!??!?!?

<p>I just got my October SAT score back yesterday.
Sentencee 18 right 1 wrong
Analogy 15 right 2 wrong
Critical Reading 17 right 15 wrong 5 omitted</p>

<p>If I ever get half of the critical reading right, that would be fantastic.
what would you guys suggest me to do get the half of them right?
I am aiming for 650.
Please help this kid..</p>

<p>Mabe if you read the short passages twice?</p>

<p>what did you do to prepare? My tip: prep books. I prefer barron's, but you might like Kaplan or Princeton review.</p>

<p>I used 11 new sats.(new)
and I am still using it..
would it be better if you more concentrate on one passage than two passages? before running out of time, I would rather spend entire 20 minutes(I'm done with analogy and sentencein 10 minutes) for 1 passage.
how does it sound?</p>

<p>I think the more you practice, the better you'll do. There's no reason why you should only have to focus on one of the passages, unless you're only concerned with raising your score a bit.</p>