Critique my Purdue Essay please

<p>Hi, I am applying as an international student for a place in purdue freshman community XD!...</p>

<p>Can someone check my Purdue Essay pls... I really want to be accepted! I like that school a lot cus I want to interact with researcher at Birck Nanotechnology Center... I am interested in Nanotechnology >D!</p>


<p>Feel free to email me.</p>

<p>My son got accepted in College of Engg at Purdue, so you dont need to worry.</p>

<p>I'm interested. PM me, please. Don't worry: I already got accepted ED (UPenn), so I won't be stealing your lovely essays :p.</p>

<p>I pmed >d!! Thank you</p>

<p>send it over :)</p>