cross between psych and business

<p>hey, im currently a freshman at engineering but im looking to transfer. i want to do a combination of psych and business. ive been looking around and i think double majoring at HE for HD and PAM seems very interesting. it gives me so many options. well, i would love to double major is HD and AEM but thats not possible. PAM seems more geared toward law. can i get a consulting job from PAM. I think people tell me a lot of people want to transfer out of PAM, why is that?</p>

<p>also, an unanswered question from previous post. if i transfer to cals, do i have to get bio109, 110 done BEFORE transfering in or can i fulfill it after. cuz i know people who did both.</p>

<p>dont u think u should give engineering a few more weeks, perhaps months before making such a move???</p>

<p>and btw...i think you need to wait a yr in ur current school before making such a move</p>

<p>organizational behavior in the ILR school is the study of psychology in business. Stay in engineering and take an intro organizational behavior class to see if it's what you like. the intro class for OB is easy.</p>