<p>So I know it has a nerdy reputation, but how is it really?</p>

<p>I'm probably going to be majoring in Psychology, or Mathematics. I love being around people, but I'm kind of easily distracted and I feel that it would probably help to be surrounded by more studious people... maybe?</p>

<p>How much is gaming really emphasized there? I mean, I grew up surrounded by boys who love videogames, so I'm not clueless and I don't have any problems with it, but at the same time, I don't want to be surrounded by people glued to their computers or Xbox 360...</p>

<p>Any help, advice, or information about Crown is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>That you! :)</p>

<p>Well, if you get distracted easily, then Crown could be a good idea. A lot of people choose to live in the quieter and less rowdy dorms and then just go party in the more active ones.</p>

<p>I can't really tell you anything else about Crown though, since I don't go to UCSC.....yet!</p>

<p>Haha, yea... I don't exactly have the BEST study habits, but I would love to change that.</p>

<p>So UCSC is where you're going?</p>

<p>I'm not 100% sure yet..</p>

<p>UCSC has been my first choice since the beginning of the applications process....but I got into I'm SLIGHTLY torn. I'm pretty sure I'll be going to UCSC though!</p>

<p>I'm hoping for Porter college. I figure I'll just do most of my studying in the library.</p>

<p>Congrats on getting into UCSD! :D</p>

<p>I am pretty good at adapting to people and environments once I get comfortable, it's just the initial "let me just throw you in here with a bunch of new people!" that gets to me. Haha. I think I could do well in any of the ten colleges, and I'm sure most people could, but I like the idea of a calmer space... I think.</p>

<p>Well I'll hopefully go to that Spring Spotlight thing and figure more of this out.</p>

<p>I'll probably be going to the spring spotlight too, I want to get a view of the dorms. o.O</p>

<p>I know! So far, I've only seen pictures of the rooms in Crown... since the "Virtual Tour" doesn't seem to work...</p>

<p>This is so exciting to me! haha :D</p>

<p>Hm. Hey guys, I've been talking to a friend of mine who goes to UCSC. I'lj just quote her..."At the Porter/Kresge dining hall, you can randomly come up to a group of people, and they'll invite you to sit with them and talk to you. When I'm eating at Crown, everyone is kind of by themselves or in a close group. That's a subjective impression, of course.. It's true that you'll find a lot of scientists there, though."
This makes me a litttle bit worried about Crown, which otherwise seems like the perfect college for me.</p>

<p>Honestly, its not as nerdy as everyone makes it seem. Last year on my floor we had one guy glued to his computer screen but that was mostly because his brother always wanted him to WoW (this changed when he got a girlfriend). This year no one on my floor games... at all. There is a Wii but even that is infrequently used.<br>
On the other hand, I do know of one floor who had a bunch of computer scientists and they were VERY glued to their computers.<br>
What kind of floor you end up on on depends on how you answer the questionaire for housing at Crown.
People here, in my opinion are much more studious. But of course how studious you are really depends more on you than anything else.
Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks! :D</p>

<p>im going to the spring spotlight too! bc yeah, the virtual dorms are just not the same and ive never been on the campus, its a 10 hr drive....</p>

<p>I have found Crownies are fairly studious. From what I have seen, there are many who are "glued to their computer screen," but I think that comes with being "studious." Good grades do not come by themselves. </p>

<p>Commenting on Liesel's post regarding the dining halls, I think there are more people at Crown that are just taking a food break and want to get back to whatever they are doing. I am sure Porter is more friendly and close, but the quiet environment at Crown is very nice too. It would be my opinion that those who pick Crown as their first choice are polar opposites to those who chose Porter as their first choice. Nerds choose Crown; partiers to choose Porter. There are exceptions, but this is usually how it works.</p>

<p>Thanks Cali Trumpet!</p>

<p>I drove by the campus on sunday with my family and we stopped and looked at all the colleges, so that was nice. Definitely looking forward to spring spotlight though :D</p>

<p>Crown is up a hill, cardiac hill. I live at Cowell, and since our dining hall is closed this year, we have to travel up the hill to eat at the Crown/Merrill dining hall. </p>

<p>Yes, Crown has studious people... but the hill is killer man!! I couldn't imagine walking up that multiple times a day. I just go to the 9/10 dining hall most of the time. Also, there isn't a bus stop in front of Crown from the west side of campus. You have to get off at the 9/10 stop and walk to Crown, or get off at the bookstore stop and walk all the way up. I hope I'm not sounding like a total Crown hater, but I just hate that hill, man. If you visit and think you'd be okay with it, then by all means go for Crown :). Just remember that you'd be walking up 5-6 times a day rain or shine. </p>

<p>Porter is actually really loud, from what I've heard. If you're looking for a studying environment, I wouldn't recommend it. My friend lives in porter in A2S - the quiet academic side, but still finds it very noisy. I really do like the environment there when I visit her, though. There's always someone playing music in the quad area. My friend says everyone smokes weed there, though. She didn't fit in very well because she doesn't smoke and found it hard to bond with her dorm-mates because they typically got to know each other through smoking weed and doing stupid **** together. <em>donno</em></p>

<p>As I previously stated, I live in Cowell... The people are nice, but I find it to be somewhat cliquey and "valley". I don't hang out with many Cowell people aside from my floor mates and a few other people. I find my friends to generally be from colleges 9 and 10. The view at Cowell is very nice, though, and we should have a nice dining hall next year. The view is spectacular, but then again, the view is typically nice from everywhere in Santa Cruz... Especially College 8. I'd say that it's in the center of everything... We're the closest to quarry plaza (bookstore) and the gym... hmm... Just visit... Oh, I'm not sure about other colleges, but at Cowell, you're pretty much guaranteed a single room if you request it (if you want your privacy) becuase 1/2 of the total dorms offered are single rooms. I live in on the quiet academic floor and find it very easy to study (we're far from quiet academic, though). The guy that lives next to me always blasts his music, though. But he's nice about it... I can just ask him to turn it down when I'm studying.</p>

<p>I can't say much about the other colleges other than 9/10 has many Asians and C8 has an awesome dining hall... Oh and that I love the Stevenson library.</p>

<p>I don't think this is as informative as I had hoped it to be. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.</p>

<p>Thanks andrew :)</p>

<p>Andrew- </p>

<p>Uyou post was very helpful! </p>

<p>You mentioned most of your friends are from c19. Is this because a certain kind of person tends to reside there? </p>

<p>Also, do people who live on study focused floors socialize as much as people on regular floors?</p>