Crud! I just sent my April ACT scores today.. will upenn still consider me?!

<p>I just remembered that Upenn requires ALL tests to be send. so although I already sent in all my SAT score reports, I had to send in my ACT as well. I just looked at my portal and saw the unsatisfied status and i just bought the act score report.. electronically sent.</p>

<p>I looked at the upenn admissions timeline thing and it said ACT scores dates had to be by october. I tested in april. im just sending in the scores now.</p>

<p>is that okay?! eek im so anxious! I really don't mind if my act scores aren't considered but i do not want to be NOT considered at all because im sending in this score now.</p>

<p>btw i sent in all my applications and supplement and payment stuff.</p>

<p>Relax. If you applied RD to Penn, your scores will make it. October was for ED, and what they meant was that the last exam you could TAKE was the October 2011 ACT Exam for Early Decision applicants.</p>

<p>WHEW!!!!!!!!! Now I can sleep tonight. =D</p>

<p>get you ACT together man</p>