CS and Music?

<p>After much consideration after reading my college's academic catalog and assessing what I'd be willing to put my efforts into, I decided to pursue a BA in Music. (Stepping down from my original degree track of BME). I'd like to add Computer Science as well, but I don't know if I should double major or minor in it. But I have to keep Music due to a scholarship I received. Is a double major in CS and Music possible? Or should I minor in CS? If I do minor in CS, will I still be able to get a job?</p>

<p>A minor in CS is not that useful.
Ask yourself what you want to do after you graduate. Better yet, tell us.</p>

<p>Regardless of your choice, you'll get A job. It may not be "THE" job.</p>

<p>Well, the kind of job I'd actually want to do is work for a company that produces stuff like Finale Notepad or compose music for games and program them too, perhaps.</p>

<p>a minor in CS is one of the most usefull minors you could have. It gives you most of the programming/software design skills that a CS major gets (at most unversities anyway), although there would probably be much less theory/special intrest type courses. If you like CS and music, take classes in both, and see what you want to major/minor in from there</p>