CS co-op @ Waterloo - other..

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>I'm fixated on doing co-op cs at waterloo but my situation's a bit unique... was wondering where I stand or advice on improving where i stand...</p>

<p>i'm currently working at a bulge bracket ibank in HK (1yr+, done both FO and MO roles), up for promotion and bonus next yr ~april. i've been contemplating for a long time now about going back to study CS. After much discussion with my colleague (Waterloo alum) feel this is a good choice in terms return/cost (open to discussion) but I'm not sure where I stand in terms of being admitted?</p>

<p>I'm Australian, was studying bachelor Laws & Commerce at UWA in my 4th year, deferred a year to take up the job offer and eligible to exit my law degree to graduate with just BComm. Was a uni tutor, leadership roles at various clubs, academic award/prize in business, 1st yr mooting comp (top 20). Law grades deteriorated toward 3rd/4th yr with all the ECs (average now sits at ~70%+...) but its not comp/math related...</p>

<p>High school dux, grades 80-90%+ for all subjects, entrance rank of 99.65, aust math comp distinction... but don't know how this stacks up in canada, from wt i gather Aust seems rather cruisey compared...?</p>

<p>Also is co-op only available for fall admission?</p>