C's in technical classes? Can I still declare?

<p>So long story short, I slacked off pretty hard this semester (not the right study skills/habits) and I ended up with two C/C-s in Math 53 and Physics 7A and a B in CS 61A. I'm an intended L&S CS major and on the major webpage, it states that I need a 2.0 in technical prerequisites to be eligible to apply. I "technically" have a 3.0 in that regard since Math 53 and Physics 7A are not major prerequisites (WHY DID I TAKE THEM QQ). I have a 2.23 GPA overall D:</p>

<p>Even if I do better next semester, am I in danger of not getting into CS at all?</p>

<p>P.S. On the major website, it says for a CS minor "no less than 0.2 points below the Letters & Science Computer Science Major "cutoff" GPA for the semester in which they are applying." Does that mean L&S CS has a GPA cutoff higher than 2.0? Any input?</p>

<p>Source: Degree</a> Programs | EECS at UC Berkeley</p>

<p>yes you still can. you just need a 2.0 in the prerequisites. math53 isn't even a prereq for CS (i think they changed it? it used to be a prereq.) but yeah, you're good. and everyone gets in...since it isn't capped.</p>