CS Tracks at Columbia

<p>Anyone have any more info on the CS tracks than that which is given on the site? Are some tracks harder? More respected? Is Columbia/SEAS CS better known/respected in a particular area? Really any input about CS at Columbia/Fu would be welcome.</p>



<p>I'm a recent graduate of SEAS majoring in Computer Science. I suppose I'm qualified to answer your question. </p>

<p>First I'm not sure which site you visited so I don't know what you already know. </p>

<p>Some tracks are harder, but it depends on your strengths. Tracks really don't have a easy or harder setting (except the honor track). In all honesty, every track has it's easy and hard courses. </p>

<p>The majority of CS students are either systems or applications. I've not yet seen a theory track. In the 4 years here, I've never heard of a single track being more respected. No one has ever said, "Wow, you're <insert track="">?!?!" </insert></p>

<p>SEAS holds some top professors in certain subjects to be sure. We have leading research in robotics with Professor Allen. Professor Aho is legendary (should have been mentioned first, but I'm too lazy to retype) in computer languages. Professor McKeown is a top researcher in natural language processing. Also Professor Gravano and Professor Ross are top researchers in databases.</p>