CS31 students did you get your grades yet?

<p>was anyone in rohr's cs31 class? I was wondering if you got your final grades and project grades yet thanks!</p>

<p>I have not gotten grades yet... have you?</p>

<p>no i have not. I saw on the website that it was because some people cheated so the grades are being delayed.</p>

<p>that's odd... on the cs 31 site it says "Grades were submitted on Wednesday March 26."
i had rohr fall quarter and the grades were up when they said they were (actually rohr was a bit early) but then again smallberg was handling everything for cs 31 in the fall...
i wish smallberg would tell us our grade for cs 32 this quarter! ahh</p>

<p>We've got them now (they just posted them yesterday).</p>