CS47B workload

<p>Hey. Anybody ever taken cs47b? If so, how is the workload compared to cs61b? I'm a transfer and I have the 61 series to complete at Cal. It says I have to take cs47b to completely fulfill the 61b requirement. Anybody? Thanks!</p>


<p>second bump..</p>

<p>heard it's not too bad if you have prior programming experience</p>

<p>According to the on-line schedule, it is a self paced course. If you have a high degree of interest and motivation, you may be able to finish it off early in the semester (which can clear time for other course work late in the semester like term projects, studying for finals, etc.). But if you tend to procrastinate, a self paced course could be a disaster (in which case it may be better to take CS 61B instead).</p>

<p>If you take CS 47B, no one will prevent you from sitting in on the CS 61B lectures.</p>

<p>Oh okay, umm. The reason I ask is because I'm a transfer and it says that I must complete 47B after the course I'm currently taking to satisfy the 61B requirement. Is 47B supposed to be like an alternative to 61B?</p>

<p>CS 47B is supposed to allow transfer students who have completed a course covering part of CS 61B to complete the rest of CS 61B without having to take the entire CS 61B course.</p>

<p>You may want to look at the CS</a> 47B information (a summary is given in the introduction</a>) and the CS</a> 61B information.</p>