CSAC CAL Grant A Help

I am a junior at a community college, pretty much done with general ed. I have been awarded cal grant a all three years. I am wondering, I thought I had to hold/extend my cal grant a after the 2 year mark? I am not sure. I tried contacting the office and have not heard back. This is what is says on my web4grants account.

Total years offered: 4 Total years remaining: 4

Beginning level of education: Freshman Current education level: Junior

Total years of leave absence offered: 2 Total years of leave absence remaining: 2

Total years of less than Halftime allowed: 1 Total years of less than Halftime allowed: 1

Community College Reserve: Yes

Does this mean I am good for another year? I don’t understand this website. I just want to make sure I acknowledge my cal grant a and make sure i receive it all the years i can. I keep seeing after 2 years you need to extend the hold but then I also see after 3 years you need to, not 2. So yeah. thanks for anyones help!

You need to speak to the Cal Grant office. They, typically, “warn” you when you are about to finish sophomore status to confirm that you want to use year 3 at the CC.

Typically, you get 8 semesters, total, no matter whether it’s a CC or a 4 year.
Sometimes, you can get summer funding that is separate from the Cal Grant.
Generally, the funding is a total of 8 semesters. That’s it.

If you are a junior, you have to be careful that you don’t have too many units for transfer. Some universities expect you to complete your upper division junior and senior years’ at their schools. https://www.csac.ca.gov/sites/main/files/file-attachments/understanding_my_cal_grant_-_updated_11.21.17.pdf

With the Covid situation, the Web Grants page may not be updated.

Call them.