CSE and Business

<p>I want to major in computer science and business. I have to choose between University at Buffalo and Stony Brook University. I plan to pursue MBA in the future. I really don't know which one to choose and May 1st deadline is really close. According to the rankings Stony Brook has better computer science program , but their business doesn't appear in any ranking , besides it's not accredited by AACSB, in contrast to Buffalo which business program is ranked 67 or 68 in the US. Buffalo's computer science program is ranked a little bit lower than SB. Generally , Stony is ranked higher than Buffalo. Recently Stony has been ranked among top 50 schools according to British Times Education. Please help me chooose. I really need some hint.</p>

<p>If you are sure you want business, go for the AACSB accreditation.</p>