CSS & New York University

I have a question. My parents both work and income is more than $200 thousand. They did fafsa but not css because NPC for schools I applied to say we would not get FA (which is understandable). But NYU has sent me reminders to submit css by Feb 20. Should I bother doing that if their NPC says no aid? I applied RD. Thx


You will get better answers by starting your own thread about this question.

If your parents are OK with being full pay at NYU (over $70,000 a year) then you don’t have to complete the Profile. But call NYU to be sure you don’t need to complete this form for consideration of their very limited merit aid.

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Required for a scholarship offer (encourage them. it does take a few hours and costs to send)…from NYU financial aid site: “The CSS Profile is required for NYU scholarship consideration for all Regular Decision students applying to our New York campus, NYU Abu Dha”

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I’m not sure about NYU, which is among the least generous elite privates. But generally speaking, you should check the FA box even if you don’t think you qualify for need-based FA for the following reason:

If you don’t check the FA box, the school assumes that you’ve run the school’s NPC and you’re comfortable and willing to pay the full sticker price, so it doesn’t need to offer you any “merit”-based aid either as inducement.

Thank you to all that replied to my question. They will complete the form and we’ll see what happens. With 100k applications, all we can do is try.

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