CSS & Non-custodial, non-paying parent

I’m filling out the CSS profile for my daughter, who is applying to colleges. Her father and I are divorced. He pays court-ordered child support, but no more, and has said he will not contribute to college. She does not want him involved in the process at all. (He has been abusive.)

We are limiting applications to schools that do not require a CSS or that require a CSS but not a non-custodial parent profile.

My question is, on the CSS, do I list my ex as a parent and just not provide the non-custodial parent profile, or do I omit him altogether from the form? I’m not sure why they want his information if he’s not going to provide a profile, and I definitely don’t want them contacting him.

If you are divorced, you will indicate this on the Profile. Only your information is included on the Profile (you will need to list that child support and any spousal support as well).

If a college does not require the non-custodial parent Profile, your former spouse info won’t be required…UNLESS the college has a financial aid form of their own, or reserves the right to ask for this info. So…check and make sure!

Your former spouse income and assets would not be on your Profile. (Same with the FAFSA…former spouse isn’t listed…at all)