CSS Parents Switched Tax Forms?

<p>my parents last year filed their taxes with a 1040 ez; this year they filed a regular 1040 form. the profile won't let me edit a lot of the things because the limits on 1040 ez and the 1040 are different. for ex. this year my parents claimed much more in earned income credit, but profile wont let me go above $475. should i make a different account or something? i don't want to jeopardize my financial aid since i already come from a low income family!</p>

<p>I’m confused. Did you put the wrong tax form down in your 2013-2014 Profile? </p>

<p>If you haven’t submitted the Profile, you should be able to change anything you have entered on 2013-2014 profile form.</p>

<p>I already submitted to one college that I applied early using my parents’ 1040 EZ from 2011. My parents just filed their 2012 taxes using a different tax form, the 1040. PROFILE won’t let me edit certain information because of the different limits on the two tax forms, I think? I emailed the colleges but I don’t know what is going to happen.</p>