CSS Profile 10/12/21

I filled out the FAFSA but i do not want to fill out a CSS profile which is much more intrusive. My son is a great musicion and has been told he will most likkely recieve a scolorship based on his tallent. I dint believe i even filled out a FAFSA for my oldest we just paid the cost.

My wife and I put ourselves through college.

You should ask the schools where your son is applying if they require the CSS for scholarships and Financial Aid. Some may not. Some might require it. It varies from school to school.

That’s the only way to know for certain.

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My son has his heart set on a college where he will most likely recieve a scolorship for his tallent as a musician . I filled out a FAFSA but do not want to fill out a CSS profile which I understand is much more intrusive. If I understand you correctly. schools will not refuse to admit him if I refuse to fill out a CSS. Is that correct?

I don’t know. It depends on the college and what they require. IF the college requires the CSS in order to award merit awards, you must complete it if he hopes to receive a merit award. You need to ask the FA office of the college of interest if their website doesn’t make it clear.

Admissions will not hinge on your completion of the Profile. But his music merit aid might. You need to check with each college to find out if they want all of the financial aid forms completed even for music merit awards.

I would also suggest that you look at the Profile before you assume it’s “more intrusive” for you. It might not be.

I didn’t find the CSS much more intrusive. About the only additional question was about home equity if I remember correctly. I didn’t need any additional documents to fill it out. There are some school specific questions though so it could depend on the school (only one of D22’s schools asked anything extra).