CSS/Profile & FAFSA DEADLINE: FEB 2nd, 2012

<p>Don't miss deadlines!</p>

<p>USC guarantees to meet 100% of USC-calculated need for financial aid applicants who submit their CSS/Profile and FAFSA by the published deadline:
Applicants who miss the deadline will be considered for reduced financial aid.</p>

<p>If you haven't completed your taxes, use estimates and update the FAFSA when the taxes are complete. Try to get taxes done as soon as possible this year - USC will not present financial aid packages until the FAFSA filing status changes to "already filed" and signed parent and student tax return copies have been submitted.</p>

<p>USC Financial Aid website: USC</a> Financial Aid - Applying & Receiving Financial Aid - Undergraduate - New Students</p>

<p>Just a reminder! Diving into these forms is a great way to while away the hours as you wait for letters of admission. It does NO good to be admitted if you can't afford to go!</p>

<p>Also, don't wait until the deadline! These forms are extensive and take time to fill out, especially if you (or your parents) own a home or have other assets. The CSS profile is more comprehensive so if you fill out that first, the FAFSA won't seem so bad in comparison.</p>

<p>New Undergraduate Applicants:
February 2, 2012
Submit CSS/PROFILE® application to college service and FAFSA application to federal processors. If you miss this deadline, apply as soon as possible after this date.</p>

<p>Returning student Fin aid deadlines:</p>

<p>March 2, 2012
Submit CSS/PROFILE® application to college service and FAFSA application to federal processors.</p>

<p>Just a reminder that USC's cost of attendance for next year will be ~$56,000! </p>

<p>Do NOT wait to be accepted to apply for financial aid- get those applications in NOW!</p>

<p>I don't think I qualify for either merit based aid or need based aid. Fortunately, my parents can afford USC. </p>

<p>Is there any reason for me to fill out FAFSA? The reason I ask is I keep getting emails from colleges asking me to fill it out.</p>

<p>If your parents are paying all costs and you are not planning to take out any loans, there is no reason to fill out the FAFSA for USC. Be sure to check with each of your schools, though, because some require it for merit-scholarship consideration (USC does not).</p>

<p>If you do fill out the FAFSA, you will become eligible for $5,500 in Stafford student loans that you can obtain without a cosigner.</p>

<p>Today's post (2/2/12) on the admissions blog: Financial</a> Aid Undergraduate Admission Blog</p>

<p>I just went to apply for the css profile and...the site is down!!! Should I apply tomorrow? Will there be consequences???</p>

<p>Ahhh,I'm freaking out! The site is unavailable with me too! If the site is back tomorrow, then we should apply then! Better late than never right?</p>

<p>Yes, submit the CSS/Profile as soon as you are able. USC will not hold it against you.</p>

<p>that's great news. do you know someone who applied late and still got financial aid?</p>

<p>@alamemom in your first post you wrote that "Applicants who miss the deadline will be considered for reduced financial aid." but in your most recent post you wrote that "Yes, submit the CSS/Profile as soon as you are able. USC will not hold it against you." i hope its the latter that is true! but if not, does usc really give reduced finaid to those who missed the deadline by one day? im really worried... please help!!!</p>

<p>It is very important to meet deadlines to assure that you receive all the financial aid for which you are eligible. As stated on the website, USC only guarantees to meet 100% of USC-determined need for on-time applicants. </p>

<p>In the case of website difficulties, USC has consistently extended deadlines to accommodate those difficulties and I am absolutely certain there will not be an issue with the CSS/Profile issue today. When you are able to submit, send a brief email to financial aid - I am sure they are aware of the issue (they probably have received more than a few calls/emails about it!).</p>

<p>comp100 and MssAlyCat, I do stress deadlines because I want all of you to have that guarantee, and if ever it is mentioned that aid would still be provided if a deadline is missed it seems everyone stops their submission and puts it off!</p>

<p>To answer your question, yes, I have seen posts and corresponded through College Confidential with financial aid applicants who have missed the deadlines - some of them by a considerable amount of time - and still received full aid.</p>

<p>So don't worry too much, but also don't feel that you can put the financial aid applications aside and forget about them! Submit as soon as you are able.</p>

<p>Good luck!!!</p>

<p>@alamemom you have no idea how much you have helped me! because of you i will be able to sleep tonight- LOL! THANK YOU SO MUCH! i'm definitely going to take your advice about sending USC an email! again thank you for being of helpful to all of us :D</p>

<p>USC says it has my CSS profile, but it doesnt have my FAFSA.... I submitted both on 2/1, should I still be good for the deadline?</p>

<p>I sent my ccs profile, fafsa, and common application before the feb 1st. I haven't received an email or anything from USC saying that they received my information. Is this typical?</p>

<p>I have the same issue as cheng81894. The same applies for my non-filing form... is that a problem?</p>

<p>If you have submitted them, then you are fine. Remember they are receiving thousand of documents and electronic submissions each day right now (last week was both the financial aid deadline and transfer application deadline).</p>

<p>Keep a record of your submission dates just in case and give them a week or two to update their records. If anything is missing, re-submit and include a quick note of your original submission date - it will not be a problem.</p>

<p>You guys need to go on USConnect and check your financial document status there. Based on what the applicant submits, other requests are added. We have received no emails but I've completed 3-4 additional documents that have popped up as needed. It is very easy to complete these documents through the website. </p>

<p>I am impressed by how well USC financial aid has this set up. Another university to which my child has applied is using IDOCs - a total nightmare.</p>