<p>I want to apply EA to a college that wants a CSS Profile.</p>

<p>After I submit my profile in October, do they re-evaluate my financial aid package after I submit my FAFSA in January?</p>

<p>Can someone help explain. I know the differences between the two, but do colleges decide aid solely on the Profile or take FAFSA with it too.</p>


<p>THe FAFSA is uses the federal methodoloty to determine your eligiblity for Federal aid (Stafford loans, federal work study, Pell grants, TEACH Grants, and some state grants).</p>

<p>The school will use the CSS profile to determine how they distribute their own institutional funds. </p>

<p>Schools will use both to put together a financial aid package for you.</p>

<p>...and on top of that, most CSS schools will also ask that you submit your tax forms and W-2's to a central scanning service (IDOCs) by March, and will use those documents to verify the wages, untaxed income, etc. that you reported on your FAFSA and CSS Profile. So, if you are accepted ED (or EA, SCEA), the school just gives you an estimated FA award with your acceptance in December, dependent on FAFSA and tax record verification in March. You'll get a finalized FA award most likely in May.</p>

You'll get a finalized FA award most likely in May.


<p>Assuming you get your updated Profile and FAFSA info...and any REQUESTED supporting documents to the schools ON TIME...Early Action applicants typically get their finalized financial aid awards by April so that they have them in time to make a matriculation decision by May 1. DD applied to two schools EA and both gave her estimated finaid awards very shortly after her acceptance...but finalized them before the first week in April (ONE of those awards was reduced by $6000 based on our actual tax information...and updated forms. The other award wasn't changed...go figure).</p>