CSS Profile Fee Waiver for International Students

I am an international student and due to the financial restraints posed by COVID-19, I am unable to pay for the CSS Profile fee and I am ineligible for the automatic fee waiver since I am not a domestic student. My family income would be below $25,000USD though. I tried contacting the university admission office for a fee waiver code but they don’t offer any. Is there another way I can get a fee waiver code? Are there any sponsored organizations I could contact since I need the help.

@sybbie719 are there even waivers available for international students? I’m not sure there are.

Op will have to reach out directly to the schools to see if there is an alternative way to fill out financials because there are no CSS profile waivers for international students.

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What about for transfer applicants??

You will still have to speak with the school. Remember there is very little if any aid available for transfer international students. Do the schools in question meet 100% demonstrated need for international transfer students? Your ability to pay will still be a factor in the admission process