CSS Profile/ Income tax return?

<p>At the end of my CSS Profile app, there are a series of messages from UPenn (letters A,B,C, J and two others I believe) and one of them states that UPenn needs a copy of my parents' 2003 income tax return. Does this need to be postmarked/sent before November 1 or after January 1, when the FAFSA is filled out? Thanks</p>

<p>Check with the financial aid office at Penn to be sure when they need this material. If you are applying regular decision, I'd think the January 1 date would be fine, but if you are going ED and need an earlier estimate they will probably want it sooner. </p>

<p>Important thought: don't rely on forum feedback for important data like deadlines!</p>

<p>Anyone know? I'm going ED, btw..</p>