CSS profile: noncustodial parent

Hi guys. I just filled out a CSS profile for my biological mom and stepdad but it says I need to make another one for my biological dad. When my biological parents had me, they never legally married.

I speak to my dad once every couple of weeks for a few minutes on the phone. We don’t exactly have a close relationship due to the language barrier. I feel like the CSS waiver wouldn’t apply to my case though because my mom could definitely talk to my dad.

Do you think Boston University, American University, or Connecticut college would let me use the CSS waiver? Thanks.

Any such waiver should be considered a reach.

You can apply for a waiver and see what these colleges say.

At the same time, discuss with your mom how you can get your dad to complete the non-custodial Profile in case you don’t get a waiver.

And…YOU don’t complete the non-custodial parent form, your dad would do that.


Are you applying as a freshman or transfer? If frosh, you have missed all of the CSS deadlines (of the schools you listed).

Besides having contact with you and your mom, does your dad provide any financial support on your behalf? If so, it will be unlikely the waivers would be approved.

Does your bio dad not want to fill out the CSS profile? Is he going to contribute to your college costs? Will including his income/assets change your level of need?

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My dad does not do child support at all. He doesn’t want to fill out the CSS profile and his income is low (he’s a nail tech).

My dad doesn’t want to do the non-custodial form. He’s not fluent in English and doesn’t really understand how college works in America, nor does he care about it. I wish he could do it without my help.

If his income is low, it will not hurt you (much) for financial aid purposes. But he needs to be willing to fill in the CSS Noncustodial Profile for you to get any financial aid at all from the colleges that require that form.


Agree with thumper1.

Some schools may approve your NCP waiver, but I doubt most will.

One thing to tell your dad is that filling out his portion of the Profile does NOT mean he is required to contribute to your educational costs.

If a school doesn’t approve your NCP waiver, and your dad does not do his portion of the Profile, you will not be able to get institutional aid from that school.

Lastly, CollegeBoard does provide CSS Profile directions in some other languages, do a google search to see if you can find what you need.

Good luck.

I did the noncustodial parent waiver request for my schools and so far boston university and NYU waived it. I think it depends on the family situation but it’s worth a try and I would definitely have binding paperwork like court documents included and someone (other than the people in your family) to write a letter explaining your circumstances.

RIP. Just found out the reason why my family won’t let me do a CSS profile for my dad is because he doesn’t do his tax returns.

What if my dad just doesn’t do his tax returns (just found out)?

He will need to square things up with his taxes. You won’t get an ncp waiver approved because your dad hasn’t filed his taxes. Anything else @Thumper1 @kelsmom @BelknapPoint

OP, have you applied to any FAFSA only schools that are affordable?

I think it’s still worth a shot to fill out the ncp waiver request. Just make sure you have the required documents they ask for and really going into detail when you’re writing the ncp personal statement about your situation.

Yes I have applied to FASFA only schools. I’m just really concerned about BU because that’s my top school but if I can’t fill out my CSS profile I guess that means I don’t get any financial aid at all? I’m going to try talking with my mom to have her make my dad do a tax return but she’s really against it. Honestly the reason being is that it’s too much work for her and my dad. Welp.

He needs to do his taxes. Many Profile schools use IDOC, and part of the documents requested are tax forms if the person is required to file.

If he isn’t required to file, he will need to complete a non-filers statement for each college using the Profile. His information isn’t used on the FAFSA.

Did he do taxes in 2019? That is the tax year used on the 2021-2022 Profile form.

Also…did you answer the above question? Are you an incoming freshman, because, if so, you missed the Profile filing deadlines at the schools you listed.

Boston University is $70,000 a year or so. How do you propose to pay for it if you have an incomplete financial aid application folder.

@bunny87 you keep mentioning “documents”. What documents would this student have? The parents were never married so there are no “court documents”. I’m not sure what documents you think this student can provide to support a waiver…but if you have some ideas, post them here.

Yeah sorry I am an incoming freshman. Yea I did miss the CSS deadline but I still want to get it in in case they make an exception (which I know is rare). My dad has never done tax returns. He’s been living here illegally for the majority of his life until I think a few years ago he got his citizenship. How do I figure out if he isn’t required to file a tax return?

What is his income. And he needs to be honest. If he is a nail tech, he also needs to include his tips.

If his income is below a certain theshold, he would not need to file a tax return.

Is he self employed as a nail tech? If so, that threshold is very low.

@BelknapPoint what are the thresholds for a single person and tax filing?

And regarding missing the deadlines…these forms have been online and available for completion and submission since October 1.

this is the requirements and the documents the student would need… it is worth a shot in my opinion. Everyone has different opinions, I am just saying what got me my waivers for the colleges that asked for it…

like I said, it depends on the family situation and it is worth a shot.

to be honest, no one here can give you a solid answer you are looking for since we do not work for the financial aid office at the schools you applied to so i would give them a call, explain your situation and ask them if you should fill it out. I think that’s the best option.