CSS Profile: Parents Never Married

<p>When my biological parents had me, they were never married. They are my only parents to this date and have not married yet. When I submitted my CSS Profile, I obviously put the option that said my parents were never married. But USC is stating that I need to fill out a custodial parent form, which requires me to answer questions such as how much child support I receive, which I don't since my parents never divorced and one won custody of me. They were never married from the beginning and aren't to this date?</p>

<p>I didn't know that putting the "never married" option would make USC assume I receive child support....</p>

<p>Do your parents live together?</p>

<p>If so, then you'll need to find out how to report their status/income/assets.</p>

<p>If not, did your dad give your mom money for you on any regular basis?</p>

<p>They still live together, my dad doesn't work and my mother filed her taxes already as 'single.' I'm confused as to what this custodial parent form is though cause both of them are my custodial parents? Thank you for the speedy response, I appreciate it!</p>

<p>Since they are living together, CSS Profile treats them as though they were married. There was a thread about that last week, just scroll down and you should hit it.</p>

<p>If your parents did not live together, the one who you weren't living with would need to file the non-custodial form.</p>

<p>Sorry for being so troublesome happymomof1, I do appreciate the help a lot, thank you!</p>

<p>I submitted my CSS Profile on the 26th so I can't make any changes to it, but I logged on to review the information I did put and this is what I found:</p>

<p>Q: What is the current marital status of the student's biological or adoptive parents? A: Never married, living together
Q: What is the current marital status of the student's parent(s) who are providing information on this application?
A: Never married</p>

<p>My answers were the options available, and it clearly states that they are together but never married. What do you advise I do?</p>

<p>It's perfectly fine. If/when you get a question from the fin aid office, you can discuss the details with them.</p>

<p>MexicanHybrid, I'm in the EXACT same situation as you. Parents never married, but live together with me now like a normal family. I'm still looking for info on how to file that non-custodial paper. When I find anything out, I'll let you know too!</p>

<p>I was in the same situation and sent an inquiry to CSS asking why the college was asking for noncustodial profile form when parent status was "never married, living together". They sent me a response saying the form was not needed, and in fact they would NOT produce a non-custodial profile form for us. I sent the CSS response to the college and the college dropped the requirement. When you ask CSS, be sure to include the student's CSS ID, so that you can prove it applies to your case. I have to say that CSS was very responsive - they responded to my email within 24 hours.</p>

<p>p.s. - we are a normal family :-). The rest of the world just hasn't caught up to us.</p>

<p>I just called the USC FA office and clarified, then they told me to send the FA office an email to make it official and they dropped my noncustodial parent form requirement.</p>