CSS profile question

I need help. My daughter is finalizing her CSS profile. Upon submission, there’s an alert:

Data Check
"The following information provided in the application has been identified as possibly incorrect.

If the information provided should be changed, click the link in the message to return to the section to update the information."

WARNING: You reported that the parent has interest income, but did not provide an investment value. Please review the amounts reported and update if necessary. Click Parent Assets to update this information.

I have gone and re-checked the information I provided in the parent asset. The only thing that I can think off was the question about investment and I answered NO (previously this was a yes as we used to have a CD). We only have savings and no other investment other than our 401K retirements. I can’t get pass this warning. Should I change the answer to investment as YES and value as 0?

Hi, I received the same Warning when doing our CSS profile, have you gotten a solution?

Yes. I ended up declaring our CD that matured last October 2020. That’s the source of most of the taxed interest that I answered for the 2020 filing. I had it rolled over to our savings account after the maturity. I just deducted that amount from our total savings. I thought that when I filled in the CSS last month it’s for what is currently our assets and savings. This is where it’s giving me the Data alert bec currently we do not have any investments other than savings and 401K.

Thank you for the response. I believe you were correct in thinking that when you fill out assets and savings question, it is what you currently have as of the date you are filing the CSS.

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