CSS Profile Question

<p>I'm filling out the CSS Profile now for submission to early app schools. For the part that asks about '07 taxes, what do I fill out? It is a required field but obviously, '07 taxes have not been filed. Do I put $0 or estimate?</p>

<p>Estimate. The form is worthless without the estimates.</p>

<p>You should use the most recent pay stubs for both your parents AND yourself when completing the estimated Profile. From what has already been earned, you can figure out salary for the full year. You can also figure out taxes and anything else...using the info from the most recent pay stub you have. I will say...estimate well...or a bit on the high side. These early profiles will give you an estimated finaid award as well. It won't be finalized until you DO your 2007 taxes and update the info. We estimated HIGH and we were still a little low (by $3000 on AGI). One school reduced DD's school grant by $6000 when we finalized the information. She didn't enroll there. The other schools didn't adjust her finaid one nickel. Go figure.</p>

<p>If you estimate high and the actual numbers are a few thousand lower (AGI), will colleges automatically increase the award accordingly or do you have to petition for an increase?</p>


<p>We had a similar experience. 4 CSS schools. 15K difference between lowest and highest financial aid offers. Same info, 4 diff. conclusions.</p>