CSS Profile untaxed income

<p>Where the Profile asks for untaxed income, I am assuming that includes premiums I pay out of my salary for health/dental/vision, flexible spending account. I believe my portion of what I put into retirement is not, since that is listed elsewhere. But what about the employer's contribution to my health care, life insurance, disability, and the employer portion of what they contribute to my retirement (not shown in Block 12 of W-2)?
Thanks for any info.</p>

Also interested in the answer to cssconfusedad question.</p>

<p>There is a worksheet that should help you figure this out.. I can't exactly remember, but my recollection is it refers more to unemployment benefits, etc.</p>

Tried using the worksheet, but then you come to a part that states:
"Any other untaxed income and benefits." This is the part that is not specific. I might have to call collegeboard again! Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>I assume this is line PI-225D? Here is a more detailed description:</p>

<p>Use the worksheet that accompanies the online PROFILE (PI-225D Worksheet) to estimate
the total amount of income received from Worker’s Compensation, Black Lung Benefits,
Refugee Assistance, untaxed portions of Railroad Retirement benefits, any untaxed military
service benefits not already reported, and any other untaxed income and benefits. Don’t
include student financial aid funds or veterans’ benefits</p>

<p>You can use this link to find detailed instructions line by line
<a href="http://www.tuitioncoach.com/collegecost/pdf/cssProfile.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.tuitioncoach.com/collegecost/pdf/cssProfile.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>PS - I don't believe you account for the employers portion of your health insurance.</p>


<p>Just spoke with a representative at Collegeboard who said FSA and health insurance are NOT part of other untaxed income on the CSS Profile. :)</p>

<p>student4ever: do you mean that neither the money put into a flexible spending account nor the money paid for health insurance - by the EMPLOYEE - is considered untaxed income for CSS Profile purposes? Thanks!</p>


<p>That is the info I received from a collegeboard rep. If you want to confirm the info, you can call collegeboard at 305-829-9793. If you do call to confirm, let me know what response you get. Thanks.</p>

I called the collegeboard today and received the same response that you did. We are a year away from completing the CSS Profile yet, but it's a question I've been wondering about. Thanks for checking into it!</p>


<p>Thanks for confirming!</p>