CSS Profile

<p>I have been waiting anxiously for any news of scholarship to come in the mail. Its getting kinda sorta late now and I happened to notice that under the Financial Aid section of my USC Connect profile, My CSS Profile, Parents Tax Returns, and Student Tax Returns are all listed under the "Required" section. I have however turned in my FAFSA and it is listed as "Received." My question is, is it possible that I am not receiving any news regarding scholarships because I have not turned in these documents or are they irrelevant in terms of merit based aid?</p>

<p>swagsha, the CSS/Profile is due tomorrow if you plan to need financial aid at USC!</p>

<p>From the USC financial aid website/due dates:</p>

<p>"February 2, 2012
Submit CSS/PROFILEĀ® application to college service and FAFSA application to federal processors. If you miss this deadline, apply as soon as possible after this date."</p>

<p>...but back to your question, the USC merit scholarships and financial aid are not related. So your financial aid status shouldn't be holding up any merit scholarship notifications.</p>

<p>thanks for the response racedad. I am working on the CSS/profile as we speak. I was just wondering if the fact that I haven't submitted the CSS Forms has anything to do with me not receiving any sort of merit based scholarship yet?</p>

<p>oh arite, i posted that after you posted the second part. Thanks for the answer, I guess I'm just getting desperate for an explanation.</p>

<p>no problem, good luck!!!</p>