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I know this has probably been discussed but I’m gonna ask it anyway. We thought that applying would cover the cost of everything but now it looks like the CSS is going to be additional cost for each school. Every discussion I have read has suggested that the college will just assume I don’t need additional financial aid which is not true, and they will be aware because they will also have FAFSA. It seems a bit excessive to submit the FAFSA, CSS, and IDOC before acceptance, can’t we just wait since they will already know I require financial aid?

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Do you want a financial aid package so that you can make a matriculation decision by May 1? If so…get your financial aid application materials submitted to each of your colleges and adhere to the deadlines. If you don’t submit your Profile ON TIME with supporting documents, and this can include IDOC submissions, your financial aid application will be incomplete and will NOT be processed.

Schools that use the Profile use the data on THAT form to award institutional need based aid…NOT the data from the FAFSA.

So…your choice…if you want aid…submit the application materials…all of them…ON TIME. If you don’t really want money…then don’t bother.

ETA…you mention CalTech on another thread. Here is their deadline info. If you want institutional aid from Caltech, you are required to have your Profile submitted by Feb 1.



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Tagging you so you see these responses.

Yup, you wouldn’t have your financial aid packet info in time to reach a decision by May 1 if you don’t send it all now. This is one reason students shouldn’t apply to too many schools. The costs add up, and the FA paperwork requirements aren’t standardized and can be a real pain. The good news is that after this year, there is only one school requesting the Info each year. :slight_smile:

If you are low income, there are CSS profile fee waivers.