CSS profiles deadlines

<p>I'm puzzled. I already completed the CSS profile for my D's early decision reach school and it was okay for it to have 2010 information in it because I obviously wouldn't have 2011 W2's or tax return done yet. Since she wasn't admitted, she is doing many apps for regular decision and I am seeing they require CSS profile by Feb 1st and one even specifically states not to use 2010's information b/c they can only use 2011's.</p>

<p>I have called my employer for the earliest possible date to get my W2, but they say that will be January 15th or later and I have made an appt. to do my return the 19th (if I have what I need). This all seems ridiculous - seems impossible!!!! </p>

<p>Anyone navigated this before and can share how this ends up working.</p>

<p>wow - let me add to that another issue - just logged onto my CSS profile that I already submitted and I cannot update it - I seem to recall when I completed it last month, once you hit "submit", you cannot go back. I must be allowed to use this one and only send in my updated W2 and tax return via IDOC.</p>

<p>Can anyone verify?</p>

<p>When we submitted the CSS on November 1, we had to use 2011 numbers... most of which are available (for anyone who receives an actual paycheck), by looking at your last pay stub and then guestimating the information (based on a fixed formula) for the remainder of the year. Also you go through your checkbook and figure out your medical costs, etc.</p>

<p>We too will need to edit our CSS. I don't recall how that can be done, so I'm looking forward to the information.</p>

<p>I don't know what IDOC is and wonder if we can only do IDOC after actually submitting the tax return to IRS or if we can use IDOC before, but once we have a final copy of the tax return.</p>

<p>carzymomster: I think there is no way to edit the CSS profile for a given year once submitted. I think I will be submitting that one filled with 2010's info and then using IDOC or snail mail to send the 2011 W2's and signed tax returns by Feb 1st (as long as everything goes as planned and I get my W2).</p>

<p>Will be calling financial aid at one of the schools on D's list and see if this is right - really hope I they will say it is the only option and don't need to call each school she plans on applying to.</p>

<p>There IS a way of sorts. If I remember correctly of what I think I've read on here, it's maybe that you send those schools the updated info, without "refiling" the CSS. I'm not sure though what we'll do for the schools we have not yet sent the info to... don't know the process there. So, wondering if we can make a new CSS for new schools??? We would probably have the pay the extra fee again, but it might just be easier. I dunno?</p>

<p>So, wondering if we can make a new CSS for new schools??</p>

<p>Yes there is a separate fee for each school you send the PROFILE to.
( so you can give them updated info)</p>

<p>^ yes I knew we paid each school separately, but was wondering if we make a new CSS void of the previously submitted info (to 2 other schools).
And also, what I and maidenmom are both wondering (to the best of my understanding) is how do we submit accurate info to schools that the CSS has been previously submitted to? (I think her info won't change as it was 2010, but I know ours will as it was 2011 guessed numbers). Do we just send an email to the FA department or ?</p>

<p>If you can't reenter your previous form, it does sound like you would have to fill out the thing all over again.
We've only used it for one school, so I didn't know.
Also to finalize aid, we submitted 1040 & W-2 forms ( to the school) so that they had all the info that PROFILE has.</p>

<p>From the help section of CSS Profile:</p>

<p>Q: Should I register for each college separately since they have different deadlines?</p>

<p>A: No. You should only register for PROFILE once. You may list all the colleges and programs that you want to receive your PROFILE information when you register or you may add colleges and programs to your application at a later time. If you send your PROFILE information to additional colleges and programs through the "Add Colleges to Submitted Application" process, you will have the opportunity to update your original application responses. Your updated data will only be reported to the added colleges or programs.</p>

<p>All of this can be very confusing, so I hope I can add some clarity here...</p>

<li><p>First of all, once you have submitted a CSS Profile to a school (EA, ED, etc), there is no way to go back in electronically and update that profile. To update the Profile for the schools that you apply ED or EA, you need to print out a hard copy and make pen-and-ink changes to the form, and send that in to the school. Check with the specific school to see if they want you to mail the update form to them, scan and email, or include it with the IDOCs paperwork that you file.</p></li>
<li><p>Secondly - for applying to "new" schools you CAN change/edit info on your previously filed Profile and send to the school. When you log into your account, you'll see an option to "add a new school". When you get into the form, you'll see that many of the data fields can be edited, while some will be greyed out and "uneditable" (from the top of my head, some fields like # in household can't be edited). You will pay a fee to each school that you add.</p></li>
<li><p>IDOCs: Regardless of whether you filed the CSS Profile to a school under ED, EA or now applying under RD, most schools that use the CSS Profile require you to sent them tax forms (1040/W-2) via IDOCs processing. The instructions are pretty straightforward, you basically fill out a checklist, making copies of all required tax forms and mail to IDOCS. All they do with this information is scan your docs into their system, making the tax documents available to the schools electronically (and saving the schools the hassle of collecting and scanning the docs themselves). </p></li>
<li><p>Most importantly - check each school's FA website for details on process and dates. Keep in mind that while most schools that require the CSS Profile also use the IDOCs system, some do not. The University of Chicago is a good example - they don't use IDOCs, but instead ask you to mail tax forms directly to the school.</p></li>

<p>I hope this helps add some clarity to this confusing process</p>

<p>When we had to make corrections on last years we took the print ot we saved and made them manually and initialled and signed them and then faxed those to the school and they accepted the corrections that way , each school may handle it differently I would call the FA office and ask</p>

<p>why use IDOC, why not scan tax returns yourself and E-mail over as pdf file?</p>

<p>^^The schools that use IDOC will not accept tax forms sent directly to them.</p>

<p>Does anyone have more information on using IDOCs? How do we know what schools use it and how do we access an IDOCs account? I called Cornell, they said they use either IDOCs or direct mail.</p>

<p>Wait, nevermind. I believe indicator H on the CSS Profile tells you which schools use IDOCs...but Syracuse is the only one of my colleges listed there.</p>

<p>I'll probably just mail 2010/2011 tax returns + W2s to all schools and the ones that don't need them can throw them out.</p>

<p>If my parent has not filed her taxes yet, and I submit my CSS tomorrow using guestimates to meet certain deadlines, is it necessary to update the CSS when she actually files them? I'm hoping that just by using the IDOC to send 2011 stuff will suffice. This is such a hassle! Especially since I applied to more than 10 schools.</p>