CSS Technicality

<p>So, I'm basically done with the Profile, but when I try to hit submit, I get an error telling me to fill in the question, </p>

<p>"Commissioned officers only - Enter the combat pay or special combat pay that your parents received or expect to receive for 2012 that is taxable and will be included in your parents' adjusted gross income (AGI) because one or both of them are commissioned officers. It is usually a portion of the amount reported in his or her W-2 Box 1. Do not enter untaxed combat pay reported in W-2 Box 12, Code Q. This does not apply to commissioned warrant officers."</p>

<p>I left this blank, and nowhere on the Profile did I indicate that my parents are in the military. Does anyone else have this problem? Do I just put 0?</p>

<p>Yes, it makes no sense, but you have to enter zero.</p>

<p>Oh, thanks!</p>