CSS, which currency to use?

<p>Reposting my question from the Int'l Stud. forum:</p>

<p>The first page of CSS profile says that:
"If your primary currency is other than U.S. dollars, please do not convert your answers to U.S. dollars, but provide your answers in your primary currency."</p>

<p>However, I have been advised to have all my answers from supporting documents converted to U.S. dollars. Should I use my national currency when answering the CSS questions and U.S. dollars in my documents, or..?</p>

<p>Also, what's the exact procedure with these documents? Do I have to submit them at the same time as I submit my CSS profile?</p>

<p>Ask the colleges/universities which supporting documents they will need, and when those documents will be required. Do not be surprised if each institution gives you a different answer.</p>

<p>When you send the supporting documents, those will be originals, and will reflect the original currency. You can provide translations (if the originals aren’t in English), and conversion to USD at that time.</p>