CSU application help?

<li><p>On the app, it provides you two slots to fill in SAT scores from two different dates... does it have to be the two most recent scores? or can it be random... as in any two that I want to choose from any two dates?</p></li>
<li><p>For listing high school course... I have a course that falls into two a-g categories... d. physical science AND g. college preparatory elective... can I put it in both? if not, how do choose which to place it in?! haha. i also have another "G" course that should fulfill the requirement, but i have not taken it yet and will not be taking it until second semester so it doesn't count as fulfilling the requirements, right? </p></li>
<li><p>I know CSUs don't require SAT IIs, but if I have taken it, will the consider it? if so, where can i add it into the app or do i just send them the score and they will consider it from there?</p></li>


<li>It can be any score you choose.</li>
<li>You have to make pick one not both. It depends on if you met the prerequisites for the category.</li>
<li>I don't believe that CSU take SATII.

<p>Thank you!! </p>

<p>About SAT scores... would it be better to put in the test date with the highest score or the test date with the highest CR and math score? Because I know CSUs only consider CR and Math Scores, not writing. I have a lower composite score for my dec test than my june. However, I did slightly better on my dec CR than my june CR and my math score is the same for both months.</p>