CSU application to Sonoma State University

<p>My son's app. still says "Incomplete" but no pending items are listed. He has all items that were required sent off in the application online form. His high school's college counselor knows he is applying there and will be sending transcripts. ACT sent his test scores. Why does it still state Incomplete?</p>

<p>Several CSU campuses have admission websites that show applications are incomplete, even when they are actually complete. One CSU admissions office warned me about this and said not to worry as long as nothing shows on the to-do list. So I would not worry about it, but if you are concerned you can call admissions and ask.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the info! My son is VERY motivated to go to SSU and checks the portal every couple of days to be sure all is complete on his end of things. Thanks for your reply!</p>

<p>Have your son call and ask directly. Since SSU is his #1, you are better safe than sorry. It will also be good practice for him.</p>

<p>Good advice. Thanks! I will have him call today after school.</p>