CSU chances

Hi guys! I put in all of my classes into the CSU Apply application and I have a calculated GPA of 3.96. What are my chances of getting into SDSU, CSULB, CSULA, and CSUF? Should I apply to other CSU’s with higher acceptance rates? Thank you so so so much!!

With CSU’s going test blind this admission cycle, acceptances will be unpredictable.

Intended major?
Local CSU? https://www2.calstate.edu/apply/freshman/Documents/CSULocalAdmission-ServiceAreas.pdf

HS course rigor?

Your GPA is within range for all the schools on your list but it will probably be the most important factor this year. Definitely add a few more options and at least one non-impacted campus.


You will probably get into all of them for most majors but, this year is going to be really unpredictable so, it would be a good idea to also apply to a few less selective CSUs - depending on major - maybe CPP and CI.

Thank you! I’m applying to communication disorders/speech pathology. None are local to me, I’ll definitely apply to local SFSU then. I’ve taken AP HUG, Chinese 3 Honors, APUSH, APES, AP Lang, AP Chinese, and chemistry, psychology, and statistics at community college.

SFSU is not an impacted campus, and your major is not impacted there:
So it should be a safety if you meet minimum CSU eligibility.

Note that CSULB will use an admission index that greatly overweights English and math grades: https://www.csulb.edu/admissions/freshmen-eligibility-index