CSU Decision Dates Fall 2021

I applied to Cal State Fullerton, Cal State San Marcos, San Diego State, and Cal Poly Pomona. I know SDSU sends decisions in March because they stated it on their applicant portal. However, I can’t find any other clear answer for the other schools. Any info on when to expect a decision would be great.

All in march, normally mid to late march

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Unfortunately, each campus has their own timeline and it has varied from year to year. Cal state Fullerton and Cal Poly Pomona offered high stat/honors college invitees early admits in January/February but the majority will be in March as stated above. Covid has impacted the situation so unless specifically stated on the school website, it could be anytime between now and May for some campuses.

Our son applied to San Diego State and he already heard back. He is an out-of-state applicant. Still waiting on other CSU schools.

My daughter heard from CSUSM (Nursing) and CSUF already. Nothing from SDSU as nursing major is one of the last to announce in March I’ve heard. Don’t know about CPP.
Good luck!

Hey! Quick update, I’ve heard back from CSUF, CPP, and CSUSM. Admitted to all 3. Still waiting on SDSU and 4 UCs.