CSU engineering community

How are the engineering programs at CSU, specifically Civil and Environmental engineering? Would this be a good program for continuation on to graduate school? How is the overall engineering community ?

I would Like to know as well, I got in but the cost to attend as an out of state is insanely high at ~56k/year

CSU is the 3rd best engineering school in the state behind Mines and CU. It’s still a solid engineering school, but it tends to fly under the radar.
Colorado Mesa University has a partnership with CU for engineering that might be a lower cost: https://www.coloradomesa.edu/engineering/partnership-program/index.html

Here are the costs: https://www.coloradomesa.edu/student-accounts/expenses.html

If you state is part of WUE or MP it’s a great deal.

Colorado Mesa is growing and so is Grand Junction. If you want to enjoy the mountains while in school GJ has better access than Fort Collins.

I don’t recommend the Grand Junction engineering program as there are very few professors of engineering out in Grand Junction at this time. Fort Collins is a way better location for an engineering major, with very strong facility in civil engineering, compared to Grand Junction, which is a very small town near Utah, but not close to Salt Lake City, which is a viable high tech city today. Colorado State offers construction management degrees that CU and Mines don’t offer. Mines offers petroleum engineering, which CU and CSU don’t offer. CU offers aerospace engineering, which CSU and Mines don’t offer, so they are all different.