CSU Fort Collins Honors program vs CU Boulder

My daughter wants to go to school in Colorado and is interested in CSU Fort Collins and CU Boulder. We visited both (we are OOS). They are very similar schools in very similar towns, and we loved them equally. A deciding factor would be academic rigor. My daughter is a very committed student with excellent grades and a 35 ACT. She wants to major in biochem and English (don’t ask me why she is fixated on that combination). It seems to me that CSU has a more comprehensive honors program than CU. As far as I can tell, CSU has a wider variety of honors classes and students can take two or three per semester but just one at CU. Classes are also a little smaller at CSU. In terms of quality of education, I am guessing that maximum immersion in the CSU honors program would be optimal, followed by CU with their honors program, then CU without honors, and then CSU without honors. However, I confess to a lack of familiarity with the relative merits of the honors programs and the general quality of teaching at both schools. I’d love to hear from anyone who could shed any light on the subject. Thank you for any feedback, comments, anecdotes, or pontifications.