CSU Fullerton 2018 Nursing Acceptance

Hello, I am a current high school senior and I’m wondering what my chances are to get into fullerton’s nursing program. I’ve been doing research but I can’t find statistics on their acceptance rates for their nursing programs.

CSU GPA: 3.86
SAT: 1310 with 6/6/6 essay
ACT: planning to take on take on October 28

Thanks for any feedback!

Last year the eligibility index threshold was 4500+ for a direct admit.

(CSU GPA x800) + SAT score, so your EI is 4398 so below the threshold for direct admit but you could still get into CSUF as another major and then reapply to the Nursing school.

Your test scores are within range, your GPA is on the low side.

Is it possible to still be accepted in to the entry level freshman program? If I were to not make it into the entry level freshman would I have to go through the the CSUF student pathway or is there another way to make it into the school?

The Entry Level Freshman program is the direct admit program so based on last years EI threshold, you would not make it in. You would need to raise your SAT score by a little over a 100 points or aim for around an ACT score of 31. The EI thresholds will fluctuate from year to year so there are no guarantees.

If you do not get direct admit, you could go through the CSUF student pathway which again is very competitive or 2 years at a community college and transfer into the Nursing program via the LVN-BSN program or RN-BSN program.



Alright a bit of a bummer but I appreciate the response!

There is no reason not to apply since the EI thresholds do change, but just be aware it might be a tough admit and you should apply widely especially for Nursing in California.

I dunno, this seems like a replay of a discussion @Gumbymom and I had about TAG admission on the transfer forum where the rules they put on their website don’t seem as clear as they could be.

In this case they have on the webpage “Applicants to the program will only be considered if they have met all of the below requirements.” One of those requirements is the 4,500 eligibility index. To my reading, they have not said “Applicants will be admitted if they met all the below requirements”, just considered. It’s a moot point now since the OP doesn’t have the 4,500 points, but I’m not sure that if she gets the better test score to qualify that it means auto admit.

Some nursing programs, like SDSU, list a formula to compute a point total and then say they rank applicants and admit in order off that list. Fullerton doesn’t say this, but they don’t say “meet our listed requirements and you are in” either. So I’m a bit suspicious of there being more selection than they mention on that page, by any means they choose to use. Perhaps the index as suggested, but they don’t say that’s what they use.

I suggest the OP contact Fullerton for clarification, there is a button to email them right on their webpage.

There is no reason not to apply to direct-admit programs, apply to all you can, but if you really know that you want to be a nurse thru exposure via volunteer or paid work and don’t get into a direct-admit then keep in mind an alternative path that is increasingly popular. This is to go to a CC and get an RN degree and then apply to the RN/BSN programs already mentioned. For example http://nursing.fullerton.edu/programs/rnbsn/ . These seem to be easier to get into; on the page at http://nursing.fullerton.edu/programs/rnbsn/faqs.php they say every applicant has been accepted.

Not only that, with an RN degree via this path you can get a good job (although a BSN is better for long-term advancement and some larger hospitals might prefer it). By contrast a student enrolling at Fullerton w/o direct admit and who tries to change into the BSN program is vying for one of just 5-10 spots!! (see http://nursing.fullerton.edu/programs/elbsn/) If you don’t get in, after 2 years of college you do not have a marketable degree, and you’ll need to pick some other major.

CSUF waitlisted me to the Direct Entry Nursing Program??? What will happen?? How many people do they often waitlist into the program??


This is on the CSUF Nursing Website. Basically everyone will be waitlisted according to this information::::

For Fall 2018 admission, the Nursing program will waitlist all top qualified applicants. Admission will be offered to the top 20-30 students from the waitlist pool.



Approximately how many applicants do they waitlist?

I was also waitlisted at CSUF… and I’m wondering the same thing, approximately how many people are in the waitlist pool?

@mgeronimo and @futurenurse77: The Nursing waitlist is new this year so I cannot give you any information regarding any #’s. As far as I know, they never had a waitlist for Nursing. You were either accepted into the Nursing program, accepted into CSUF as Undeclared or alternate major or rejected.

This is from the FAQ’s:

How many students are admitted into the Traditional BSN (Entry-Level Freshmen) program?

The School of Nursing admits 35 students into the Traditional BSN (Entry-Level Freshmen) program.

In my email it said, “You are among the top applicants, out of almost 5,000.“ I’m assuming there’s around 5,000 on the waitlist then, but not completely sure.

they only waitlist 200

Is there a link where they talk about the waitlists and stuff regarding the nursing program?

How did you find out they waitlist 200? @bonnetk

@mgeronimo that was the information in my email. They waitlist the top 200 nursing students out of 5,000 and choose 20-30 students from there

Was this a decision email? Because I was waitlisted and didn’t see that in mine

How many students does CSUF take in for the entry lvl nursing program?

@Gumbymom you said that CSUF accepts 35 students into the program, and the website says they will take in the top 20-30 students from the waitlist pool. so does that mean that there will be around 50 students in the program?