CSU Fullerton Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

me too! i first got the email saying they’re done reviewing, then a few days after, my portal said it was back to the nursing department but I haven’t heard from them yet. Can you let me know once you’ve got an update? Hopefully we both got in! :relaxed:

Yes Definitely! Is there any way we could keep in touch? So we can know when to expect decisions and stuff like that?

Received DENIAL email today from Fullerton for direct admit nursing. Was not offered an interview. Its all good and we were expecting it. Thankful we knew how competitive the program was and applied to LOTS of backups that we will be happy with.

-California student
-GPA UW 4.0
-GPA W 4.5
-Cal Sate GPA 4.19 (watered down due to so many DE classes)
2 AA degrees from local CC with 90ish dual enrollment credits and 4.0 at the cc
-Homeschooled through public charter
-current CNA license with work experience

Damn, sorry to hear that. With hose credentials, it makes you wonder who is actually getting in to that major.

Thanks @Joe_Mihalich

The direct admit nursing program gets thousands of applications and only has spots for 40 students. It is well known that its a difficult program to get into. (I had read they received 5k applications for nursing this cycle)

I still am a little surprised that she didn’t get an interview though.

Interestingly enough, she received a follow up email today that stated the following “Unfortunately, you did not successfully complete the required prerequisites with a satisfactory grade or GPA needed to be eligible to the nursing program.”

I believe the this is a mistake and daughter reached out to get clarification.

There is no way that she didn’t complete the prerequisites or the GPA. She couldn’t have a higher GPA as she has a 4.0 UW. She also has 2 AA degrees from the local community college. She has 34.5 A-G classes (I think most kids have closer to 25) Test scores were not a consideration this year.

Im not too worried about it because we have lots of great options albeit out of state. Its just more annoying that we don’t have instate options. The last instate school to hear from is SDSU and they get about 6k applications with 120 spots to fill. Slightly better odds but still out of reach for 96% of applicants. Thats just silly!

Don’t hesitate to appeal if that is an option. They denied me too and I appealed and got in the very next day. It didn’t make sense since I’m a local student and passed the gpa for locals.

Wow! That is crazy. So you appealed to the entry nursing program? Would you think it would be the same for the Upper Divison Transfer program? I have a really high chance of getting in but they only accept 5- 10 students. Would you think they would go out of their way to accept a good applicant?


Daughter sent the appeal. We shall see. :slight_smile:

Mine wasn’t for the nursing program but I was hesitant to appeal until I spoke to a school counselor and they convinced me to do it. Hey its worth the shot. I was really disappointed when I was denied and I thought well why not give it a shot. And then I got in. I was also willing to possibly be rejected again and that would have given me reassurance of how competitive the school is. Good luck to your daughter :slight_smile:


just want to make sure I am giving correct info. I had previously posted that they received 5k applications for nursing. That is incorrect. It was 2k this year for 40 spots per the email below.

Daughter reached out to nursing last night and this was their response to her concern about being told she didn’t meet the requirements. They did not address her question directly and sent this more generic email.

Hello …,

Thank you for your email. The college application process is a major milestone for yourself and high school seniors across the country. We know there are numerous institutions to select from, and we greatly appreciate you considering CSU Fullerton School of Nursing for the next step in your academic journey.

We regret to inform you that we cannot offer you admission at this time due to impaction. Like years prior, the Fall 2022 application cycle for the Traditional BSN pathway was competitive. We received over 2,000 applications for 40 available seats; thus, not allowing us to offer admission to every qualified candidate, yourself included.

We commend you for your strong academic achievements, especially during this pandemic. We know you have a bright future ahead and encourage you to consider all possible pathwaysfor achieving your goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.

Let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.


[image]Nursing Advising Team

that is crazy! I am so sorry this happened. I am considering Fullerton to be my top school and I am wondering if they did not let her do the appeal? Or was she able to go one with the appeal process and then they sent her that? Because that’s scary! Also, did they offer interviews for her prior to the denial?
I am still waiting on an email from them and I am applying to transfer to the BSN program.

good morning @TransferBud1

We have not heard yet re the appeal but the nursing advising team did reply after what i posted previously saying that she HAD met the requirements and it was due to impaction that she was not offered a spot. (So not sure why we got the email about her not meeting the GPA requirements?) At least nursing responded quickly…

She was not offered an interview.

Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

Try not to worry. Your situation is entirely different as you are a transfer student. Not direct entry BSN. Two very different admission standards. Try to remember that every situation is different. You can peek in the CSU Fullerton transfer thread from last year to see when accepted posts were first posted.

My daughter was admitted to the nursing program with distinction. We checked the portal. No email was sent. She did have an interview.

-California student
-GPA UW 3.92
-GPA W 4.62
-Cal Sate GPA 4.55
9 AP Classes


My daughter was denied for nursing but was asked to appeal and choose another non impacted major. She also was interviewed. I thought the whole campus is impacted?

I’m sorry about your daughter. Yes, they are heavily impacted but if they emailed you to choose an alternative more than likely they will let her in under that major. It’s worth a try at least if she wants to attend Fullerton. CSU San Marcos denied my daughter direct entry BSN due to impaction but admitted her with an alternative major Biochemistry.

Congrats to your daughter!!!
My DD also got admitted in nursing program with distinction too. is it like regents or honor program?

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I don’t think so. I don’t think it means anything monetary wise or with regards to the honor program. At least not that I could read on their website.

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I googled admitted with distinction at Fullerton. It just means they had a GPA of 3.5 or above in the courses Fullerton cares about. It seems to come with nothing other than that.

  • Admission Decision: Accepted (with distinction)
  • Major: Computer Science
  • GPA:
    – CSU GPA: 4.29 (uncapped)
    – Unweighted GPA: 4.0
  • In-state, non-local
  • HS course rigor: 5 AP & 1 CC (AP Comp Sci A, AP Comp Sci Prin, AP Physics, AP CALC A/B, & CALC B/C, and a college Computer Programming class) A-G Reqs: A-2.5, B-4, C-6, D-4, E-3, F-1, G-3.5.
  • EC’s and major-related job:
    – EPP Participation: none
    – Work: 21+ hours/wk, major-related
    – EC: 11-15 hours/wk, w/ leadership
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Yes, I’m not sure why they even mention the difference. I mean, at minimum, give those kids priority registration or something.

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