CSU Fullerton Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applied to Cal State Fullerton in 2022? Last year, decisions were released on a rolling basis February 9th. Does anyone have an update on when decisions will be starting to release this year?

This is a space to connect with other CSU Fullerton applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates. Good luck everyone!


Hey! I got in for Studio art (applying for animation) as a transfer student yesterday (2/1)
My gpa is a 4.0
I took a lot of pre reqs for my major and I’m super excited that I got in!!

Did anyone else hear back?


I applied for LVN-BSN as a transfer student from a CC with a GPA of 3.86. As of yesterday, 2-01, they updated my admission status as “ Your application file has been sent to the Nursing department and is currently pending an admission decision. Please check back for an update on your admission status or contact the department for questions.”

I have yet to receive an email from the Nursing Dep’t. I wonder if anyone here is on the same boat as me?

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Son got accepted yesterday for Computer Science. We are local for Fullerton. GPA was 4.0 weighted.

just got email . got in for cs . csu gpa 4.25

Son also got accepted today for Kinesiology. We are in NorCal (Bay Area). Weighted GPA is 4.18.

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I got accepted yesterday as a transfer for business administration - accounting. My gpa is 3.76

hey did anyone receive any financial aid awards or letters regarding that yet?

Not yet, I was just thinking about it too

Has anyone applied to Nursing? I was wondering if anyone has received an invitation for the interview portion.


Daughter applied for nursing and has not received any info re: interview yet. Looks like from last years thread it will be coming soon…

She has only received 3 emails from Fullerton in total

10/28 acknowledgment of application
12/20 application has been received
1/4 outreach and recruitment

Good luck!


My daughter has not received an invitation yet either. She has the same 3 emails as RNmomof4.


Thanks @RNmomof4! Best of luck to our kids :crossed_fingers:


I got accepted with a CSU Gpa of a 3.83. I applied as business administration: accounting

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I got into CSUF as Pre-Business! I had a 3.95 GPA and I’m from California but not local to Fullerton.

My daughter just got an email about an interview for the BSN direct entry. Did you guys got the email?

Meee but I am trying to get into the upper division program

Oh, but for me, I received an email from the nursing counselor that they are done reviewing my application and that it has been sent back to admissions to see if I would get into the school in general I believe :slight_smile:
However my portal still says that its at the nursing department which is a little off but hoping to hear something back from them soon