CSU Fullerton Kinesiology

Hi! I am from North California and am applying to many CSUs this year. I could not find a lot on Fullerton’s kinesiology program so that is why I came here. Does anyone know how impacted this major is? Or if this is a popular major? I am hoping to graduate from a CSU with my bachelors in kinesiology then attend a nursing program to get my BSN in nursing.
Here are my stats:
3.7 weighted gpa
3.78 college prep gpa
No SAT or ACT (tried so hard to take it but there were no open test centers)
4 APs and 2 Honors
Someone let me know any information on this

@Gumbymom any advice or information?Thanks!

Cal State Fullerton is an impacted campus so all majors are impacted.

For 2020, the data shows a 58% acceptance rate for non-locals, for all majors in the College of Health and Human Development where Kinesiology resides. Average overall campus admit CSU GPA was 3.68 but no specifics for the Kinesiology major.
2916 non-local applicants for the College of Health and Human Development and 1690 admits but unfortunately not broken out by majors.

Based on your posted stats, CSUF looks like a target school.

Best of luck.

@BUCKY12345 Hey! I applied there too for Kinesiology as well!! I think you have a great shot of getting in. I wouldn’t worry too much, your stats should be good. :yum: I’m hoping I get in too! If you want my stats for reference or anything here’s mine:
3.9 UW
4.2 W
2 IB’s and 2 Honors throughout high school
about 20 hours of EC’s.
My friend is cousins with someone who works in their admissions office. She says that the admission decisions should start coming out very soon!

I was just accepted today! Thank you so much for the encouraging words

I was accepted today too!! congrats!