CSU Long Beach 2022 Transfers

I just check my status:

You have been offered a place on our Admission Waitlist. You must submit the documents requested in order for us to confirm that you are eligible to remain on the waitlist. This is significant, as you could still be offered admission should a spot in our class become available and we are able to confirm your eligibility. Please remember that admission is not guaranteed so please continue to pursue a backup plan and check your email regularly for updates on your status.

What were your stats and major?

Major: CS
GPA: 3.05
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Pre-reqs: Done
Golden Four: A, A, A, A

Transfer student?

are you local area for long beach?

Oh, if you’re specifying golden 4 i guess you’re a transfer, which answers the previous question.


Not from Long Beach.

Daughter’s (transfer applicant) just changed to:

Application Term: Fall 2022
Program: Undergraduate Degree
Major: Human Resources Management BS

Date: 02/09/2022
Application Status: You are offered admission subject to confirmation
Congratulations! You have been offered conditional admission to CSULB. Your official admission notice will be sent soon and once received you may begin accepting your offer of admission! Please consult your admission notice for information on the conditions of your admission offer, important deadlines, and how to accept our offer. As an admitted student, you will be granted access to your detailed admission and financial aid information via the MyCSULB portal. Once you have received your official admission notice, click ‘GO’ below to navigate to MyCSULB to access these services. Note that first time MyCSULB users will need to activate their account after you have received your official notification of admission.

Congratulations ! May I ask her stats and wether or not she was in state or local?

In state (Socal but not local), 4.0 @ CC, w/ Business AD-T

Has your daughter yet received the “official admission notice” referenced in the portal message above? If yes, was it an email or a USPS letter?

Just the portal message listed above so far. Nothing in the mail yet.

Thanks for the info.

Has anyone here applied for an additional bachelor’s degree? Its my understanding that we are also considered transfer students. Any idea of when this group will be hearing back?

Good luck everyone!

Admitted Also! 3.9 Communications major ADT completed CA resident non local. I was curious if anyone has heard back from some of the other CSU’s yet?

Applied: CSUF, CSULB, CSUSM, CPP, SLO, and SDSU (admitted to csuf + csulb so far, everything else no decision made) - I also applied to UC’s but know those aren’t available until April.

Hi everyone! I am a Nursing (BSN) transfer student and just got the email yesterday that I was invited to the communication exercise! Good luck to everyone !

Hi all!
I am transferring from a California CC.
My GPA based on my transferable courses is a 3.23.
I applied to the Accounting program.

I had been accepted to: CSUF, CSULB, CSUDH, Cal Poly Pomona
Waiting on UC’s

Major: Sociology
GPA: 3.76 without bump
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes
Pre-reqs: Completed
Golden Four: A, C, A , A
Local: No but I live in Cali

Major: FEA-Narrative Production *ACCEPTED
GPA: 3.75 w ADT; total 3.85
Pre-Reqs: Completed
Golden Four: A, C, B, B
Local: Yes

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